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My yoga journey began as a meditation practice in an attempt to bring calm into my tumultuous life.


It not only supplied the peace and stillness I craved, but showed me an entirely new perspective, a whole new world within.

I saw my choices laid out before me.

I saw how many times before I had accepted the role as a victim of my circumstances.

How many times I had wallowed in the pain, in the trauma, in the depression.

How many times I had suppressed my emotions with harmful behavior and addictions.

I saw everything.

Felt everything.

I knew it was time to make a change. 


For the first time, I felt my own potential and the power I held to transform my life.

And I did exactly that.

Along the process of transformation, I experienced a profound shift in my creativity;

works of art and poetry outpoured almost effortlessly, fueled by the limitless imagination that I tapped into during meditation.

I began to view my life as an opportunity to create my best possible reality.

I no longer identified myself with my past, my upbringing, my surroundings.

I took charge and made a vow to become the best version of myself, the truest me that I could possibly be.

The next step was integrating this opening of the mind with that of the body.

I started practicing Vinyasa and Kundalini yoga, immediately hooked by the strength and grace that it provided.

It helped me develop an awareness of my body, learning to listen to its subtle language.

Trusting the intuition that guided me on and off the mat, I was led to the Jamie Surya Yoga Studio in Sparkill, NY where I completed a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training. 

Feeling drawn deeper into the philosophy and root of this ancient practice,

I journeyed to India for a 200-hour Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Intensive at Nada Yoga School.

I offered my very first Art Form Yoga class to a group of 30 while in India, and was absolutely amazed at the results. 

People who swore they weren't creative journeyed to a place so deep that ancient symbols, transcendent poetry, and clear, direct guidance flowed and formed itself effortlessly upon the blank page before them. 

The Art Form Yoga process is a creation that flowed through me one night as I set a blank canvas at the end of my mat, created a restorative yoga sequence, and allowed my intuition to freely express itself through paint and canvas. 

A voice spoke to me from deep within, telling me to share these practices with as many people as possible.

This is how we unravel the outdated stories and systems,

and create a new way of living that is in harmony with our deepest truths. 

I offer my knowledge from direct experience.

My journey has taught me that the best teacher, the highest wisdom always comes from within.

We can learn from everything and everyone around us,

but we must ultimately realize that each person holds a truth unique to them.

I intend to lead the way for you to dive within, to discover your truth and connect to the gifts you are meant to embrace. 


Art Form Yoga provides a framework for giving form to the formless - for manifesting ideas and visions into this physical world. The idea came to me in my meditations and it has gradually picked up momentum and rooted itself into the earth through the process - the merging of art and yoga.

Yoga reveals the beauty in everything, the sacred in every moment, the blessing in every breath.

It connects us to our very Source, the creative potential of pure consciousness.

Art allows us to give form to this formlessness, to manifest the interminable beauty within. Yoga and art go hand in hand; yoga opens our hearts and minds to the infinite while art allows us to express it.

We start to see that our very lives are works of art, and ourselves the artists.

At its core, Art Form Yoga seeks to combine creativity with conscious action by uniting a multitude of diverse healing modalities and their practitioners. By hosting unique, collaborative events with visionary artists and wellness leaders, attendees are provided an outlet for creative expression like never before. By tapping into the limitless wealth of information and imagination within ourselves and our communion with others, we begin to see ourselves as creators capable of crafting the best possible reality for all. We view life as an artist views a blank canvas, full of potential and possibility.

Our explorations into new territories of consciousness together shape the blueprint for the future.

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