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As we blossom into the Spring season, we can observe Nature emerging & expanding into greater capacity all around us.


What would it feel like for you to emerge & expand, creating something that truly delights and inspires your life and the lives of others?


40 days lie ahead of you like a blank canvas awaiting paint;

what are you being called to create?


In 40 days, you can create a new relationship with yourself around anything.


It could be…


Reducing stress in your life

Sustaining healthy & nourishing eating habits

Nurturing a creative practice 

Committing to a daily movement routine

Deepening your relationship to nature


Together, we will develop new neural pathways in the brain that support & sustain habits that serve you rather than sabotage you. 


With the resiliency of flowers growing through cracks in the sidewalk, we will grow through any blocks, resistance, & stress that may stand in the way of your goals & intentions. 


If you are feeling  disconnected from purpose, confused, stressed, or pulled off of your center, this 40 day immersion will offer support with reconnecting to your inner nature, that source inside that reminds you of who you truly are and all that you are capable of. 


When you align with your inner nature, you develop the courage to build your most inspiring visions into your day-to-day reality, trusting that you and your creations are worthy.

40-Day Inner Nature Immersion



you can still purchase the online-only course and

go through the practices at your own pace.

This is an online journey of

daily recorded guidance including:



 Yoga classes

Practices for communing with nature

 Art projects

Self-care rituals

Journal prompts



Videos & practices range from 5 minutes to 1 hour,

making it easy to fit into your schedule at any time of the day


You have access to this course for a LIFETIME

so you can continue to revisit these practices when needed!


"Morgan is a true teacher and healer in her heart.  

I’m so honored to have participated in her Inner Nature Immersion.

My intention was to say YES to life and find trust in myself. This course helped to get deeper.

Deepen my own relationship with myself and find that tiny place in my heart where the intuition lays. Not only I created a intimate connection with nature but also made new friendships.


The practices in this course are wonderful and easy to include in your everyday life.

I would highly recommend this journey for everyone who is seeking the answers for best life."


"As an Earth sign, I take great pride in my nature connection to the mother (Mother Earth),
but due to technology and lack of motivation I’ve lost that connection. From the first group
meeting I knew that I needed that connection back in my life. Sitting on the earth, feeling and
breathing the open space around me provided me with my “aha” moment. Nature is extremely
healing and supportive, I can’t lose sight of that. I quickly realized that I have a free resource
available every day to me that in the past has helped me process, ground and grow. I’ve found
my connection back to Earth and I feel like a better person because of it.

I would recommend this program to anyone who I willing to be patient to see growth and
change. Time continues to heal all, and we never have to be on this journey alone. This course
offers not only group support but individual support from Morgan. Be open to new experiences
that might not be what you are used to and remember that you are never alone."

To sign up & pay:
To access videos after:

What is ArtFormYoga?

Art Form Yoga is a process of highlighting the Inner Artist alive in everyone. When we gather, uncover, and share our unique expression, magic happens. Well-versed in the language of each other, a community thrives. The purpose of gathering is to harmonize our energies, envision & collaborate on the project of eARTh. 



The process of combining art & yoga flowed through me one night as I set a blank canvas at the end of my mat, created a restorative yoga sequence, and allowed my intuition to freely express itself through paint and canvas. 

I was blown away by what surfaced through me - a spiraling helix image embedded with subconscious insight. Gazing upon the painting became a meditation, a conversation with an aspect of myself I had never met before. 

A voice spoke to me from deep within, telling me to share this practice with as many people as possible.

While following this process, I soon realized that Art Form Yoga became a way of life - I had to live it before teaching it. The process of combining yogic techniques & artistic mediums of expression left the confines of the mat & colored every action of my life. Every single moment presented itself as a blank canvas awaiting creative exploration. 

From cooking to running to having a simple conversation, everything revealed its inner art-form and potential for heightened presence. 

Art Form Yoga is continuously revealing itself to me in new ways. The multitude of my offerings all share this common thread: giving form to the inspiration uncovered through my yoga practice. When consistently employed, yoga becomes a natural state of union that you carry throughout the day, not simply contained in an allotted amount of time spent twisting through different positions. Life is yoga. 

Yoga reveals the beauty in everything, the sacred in every moment, the blessing in every breath.It connects us to our very Source, the creative potential of pure consciousness.

Art allows us to give form to this formlessness, to manifest the interminable beauty within. Yoga and art go hand in hand;

yoga opens our hearts and minds to the infinite while art allows us to express it.

We start to see that our very lives are works of art, and ourselves the artists.

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