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roots cafe

I am currently chefin' up magical culinary creations with the Roots Cafe team in Orangeburg, NY. Being here has completely activated my love for working with food and providing nourishment for the community. My two most prevalent passions, art & yoga, naturally transfer over to cooking. Serving food is so much more than what it seems - it is an opportunity to pour loving intentions and an artful eye into something most people take for granted. It's easy to do so! We eat everyday - multiple times a day!

I like to ask: What would life be like if we were truly present with every bite?



SoundBites is a project that formed between my partner Dominick & I after catering a yoga event. We offered a sound healing meditation at the event & realized how perfectly the two fit together. The next event that we catered, we blessed and tuned the food with various instruments such as tuning forks, singing bowls, and our voices. SoundBites is our platform for providing medicinal meals, educational courses on mindful eating, and sound healings. 

stay tuned for upcoming events!

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