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Dreamcatchers impart the cyclical and circular wisdom of the Earth which we call home. Traditionally, they have been used to filter out the disharmonious and destructive thoughts from our subconscious, allowing harmony to flourish in our lives.

Teal Blue Quartz & Bronzite act as a planetary mirror, showing us how our individual actions contribute to the overall health of the planet. 

Kyanite and Labradorite help us remember what lies beyond our immediate physical experience, connecting us to the depth of subtle perceptions, the rich mystery of it All. 

Feathers and Shell adorn the circlular centerpiece as a reminder of the circulation of breath that animates our life and the waters from which we evolved. 

Hemp, Copper, and Brass weave it all together into an artful amulet of intuitve perception and protective action for the Earth. 

Protecting the Sacred // Dreamcatcher Necklace

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