• A meditation practice created just for you!

    10 min

    20 US dollars
  • A meditation practice created just for you!

    30 min

    55 US dollars
  • Tap into your unlimited creative potential!

    1 hr 30 min

    108 US dollars

"Yoga and Art go hand in hand; yoga opens our hearts and minds to the infinite while art allows us to express it. We start to see that our very lives are works of art, and ourselves the artists."

Art Form Yoga offers practices that clear the mind and body of stored emotions, thought patterns, and conditioning that hold us back from living our truth. Our truth is our gift to the world, the unique offering that we are born to share with others. The practices offered allow us to uncover our personal truth and provide us with the tools to manifest it in the physical world.

What are these practices?

A combination of traditional yogic practices with artistic mediums of expression. We journey into a heightened connection between the physical and subtle bodies with asana (physical poses), pranayama (breathing techniques), and meditation. We then apply creative exercises such as drawing, painting, journaling, etc. as a way to give form to the guidance and inspiration that arises during these sessions. This provides us with an outlet to freely express the wisdom from within and apply it to our daily lives. We transform our practice into an act of devotional creation and expression in all that we do.


Personlized Meditations

Meditation videos created specifically for you!

Together, we find out exactly what you need and how to get the most our of your practice.

10-Minute Guided Meditation Video - $20 USD

30-Minute Guided Meditation Video - $55 USD

One Week Package - One 10-Minute meditation per day (each one unique) - $140

Creative Expression Sessions

1:1 private sessions conducted via Skype or in-person, crafted to your body & specific needs.

What you will gain from these sessions:

  • tools to alleviate depression, stress, anxiety, and self-doubt

  • understanding your emotions and expressing them in creative ways

  • listening to the subtle messages of your body to alleviate physical, mental, and emotional pain

  • connecting to your intuition and inner guidance

One 60-Minute session - $108 USD

Six 60-Minute Sessions Package - $555 USD (used within a 3-month period)

Embodiment Guidance 

An expansion of the creative expression sessions, conducted via skype, email, in-person. or a combination of the three. This option includes personalized practices, inspiration, and guidance for embodying the divine in all that you do.

What you will gain from this experience:

  • a blossoming of your full creative potential in all aspects of your life (work, relationships, etc.)

  • overall greater connection to yourself, others, and the world around you

  • uncovering your life's purpose and learning how to actually live it

  • creating your own happiness rather than depending on external sources

  • help with overcoming addictions & disorders

One Week Package - One 75-Minute Session + email guidance - $179 USD

One Month Package - Four 75-Minute Sessions (one per week) + email guidance in between - $444 USD

Three Month Package - Twelve 75-Minute Sessions + email guidance in between - $1221 USD

These sessions are a co-creation of sacred space for healing and growth. I intend to work as a clear channel, a catalyst, a mirror of your inner power. By working with me, you will tap into your inner guidance and settle into the realization that you need not be dependent on others to solve your problems. You hold all of the answers that you seek. I am here to hold space as you discover them.

You are invited to partake in a free phone or video call to ask any questions, discuss options, and find out if these sessions are right for you. 

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Meditate & Create Circles

The group is guided through a unique meditative experience, connecting to the Creator within. We then experiment with various artistic mediums through which to express our innate nature and collective guidance. This sharing and connection is vital to both our personal and communal development. It shows us that all of our diverse experiences and offerings all stem from one common point, one interconnected source.

Perfect for:

  • private parties & gatherings

  • community-building events & festivals

  • office or workplace environments

  • a series held at your wellness studio or retreat center

Intentional Paint